Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guest Blogger - My Mother-In-Law . . .

I would be loathe to not make sure to invite my mother-in-law to share her thoughts about my surgery with the world. My dear, sweet Other-Mother has been very, very kind to me over the years. She's counseled me on how to "handle" Joy when things got sticky and she's given me the "you're full of crap" look when I've tried to sneak one by her. Perhaps as importantly, Anita was kind enough to fly all the way to Connecticut for my surgery a year ago.

NOT that my parents (who lived "just up the road") were not willing to be there (they were BEGGING to be there) but I knew that Nana Terry would be a much more calming influence on Joy and Ava while I was in the hosptial and would be the right sort of "support" for me once I got home.

She's a wonderful woman and I love her and I appreciate all that she's done for Joy and myself and Ava too. I believer her when she says (as she will below) that she's never seen me for my size of my body - but rather the size of my character.

Thanks for your support and your kind words, Mom. I won't even tell you that I think you're full of crap . . . I'll just give you that "look" next time I see you. TOTALLY KIDDING!

Who would have believed that Sean would be half the man he was a year ago? No! No! I mean ½ the size he was a year ago. Whoops! I almost got myself in trouble. What an accomplishment. You talk about shaking things off. Here are some of the comments that family and friends have said.

"Wow! Sean you are melting away."

"I always knew Sean was a handsome man but, wow, he looks good."

"Sean has so much energy, does he ever slow down?"

"How can Sean make food that is nutritious and still taste good?"

I am extremely proud of Sean for endless reasons but I would like to mention a few.

- He has reached all his goals (to this point) ahead of schedule.
- He has taken responsibility for his weight loss without complaints.
- He continues to share and support others in a very professional and caring way.
- He has become a much healthier and energized man for himself (first) and his family.
- He has become more confident. It was never an issue, but you should see him strut his stuff.

We are trying to put together some family vacations. It is very exciting because Ava's Grandpa is ready to go to Disney World and the only thing slowing us down now is Ava being a little young to enjoy. We don't have any health issues to be concerned about. Aren't we one lucky family?

As I look back and remember the first time we met Sean I didn't ever see his size. I saw the way he looked at my daughter and held her hand so lovingly. I saw the beautiful warm smile that light up the whole airport. When I looked at my daughter I hardly recognized her. She had a look of total complete happiness. This is something I haven't seen on her for a very long time. Yes, we are very proud and lucky to have Sean as a Son.

Sean would do almost anything for family, friends, or co-workers. He has so much love, knowledge, experience, and generosity to give that it is a wonder there is anything left for himself. You know his size was never noticed in my eyes, until there was talk of health issues and physical limitations. I am telling you this so that everyone will understand the type of person he is. Anyone and everyone can feel comfortable reaping the benefits by corresponding and reading his blog.

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