Monday, March 17, 2008

Guest Blogger - My Father-in-Law . . .

I wanted to welcome my father-in-law, Ken, to the blog. I asked Dad (I'm old-fashioned, I call my in-laws Mom and Dad and I called and asked their permission to propose to their daughter too) to post something for my blog knowing that he was one of a handful of folks (with opinions I do value) who were not crazy about my decision to have gastic bypass surgery. He was positive and supportive but I knew he was not sure of it.

Here's the thing about Dad (Terry) that I love. He's taught me stuff like how to install an electical outlet, how to sheetrock, how to hang a storm door, how to swap out plumbing (pictured here) and how to rip up a floor and a sub-floor and then lay a new sub-floor.

While my father has taught me millions of things in this life (and I don't mean to imply that Dad Terry has ONLY taught me the Bob-Villa-Essentials), he never had the capabilities to teach me handy stuff. No one ever taught him. So, in a way, Dad Terry has taught me things from his experiences in life. His perspectives. His talents and skills. I hope I've done the same for him, in the last year. I thank him and appreciate the gift of his teachings very much. I also appreciate him taking a few minutes to help me celebrate my one-year anniversary.

Thanks, Dad. I love you. Now get on over to the house - we need to get the sprinklers turned back on for Spring (smile) . . .

We are all so very proud of Sean.

I remember when he first started talking about the surgery. I was dead set against it because of the dangers that I had heard about. We loved him no matter what and couldn’t imagine taking any chances (no matter how small the odds) of losing him. I kept this to myself as Sean worked through whether he was going to proceed or not. I kept getting the feedback that he was going to have the surgery and I worried more and more about it. I am the designated worrier in the family. Finally, after many conversations with myself, I decided that he probably was not going to be happy if he didn’t do it.

After the surgery, we noticed almost immediate results in Sean’s attitude. He has always been a cheerful person but now there was a bounce in his step as the weight started to melt away.

With every week, came a weight reduction and an added helping of pride and accomplishment. I watched with tears of happiness welling up inside as he was able to buy a suit off the rack. It was such a momentous day for all of us.

Just knowing that he is so much happier with himself and getting healthier on a daily basis is all we need to see to know he made the right decision.

Now, close to a year later, we can honestly say he is “half the person” he used to be and we love him for it.

I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us all.

Keep going Sean. You are such an inspiration for so many.

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