Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guest Blogger - My Dear, Sweet Muddah . . .

My mother weighs in on my anniversary (could not leave mother out of the mix on this occassion). Something most people won't know about my mother and I . . . we didn't get along at ALL for about five years (late-junior year of high school through the end of my junior year of college). I'm not proud of that. I'm embarassed, frankly, but part of what I love about my mother is that she taught me a very simple rule (and she walked the walk on this rule) . . . I might not always like you - but I will ALWAYS love you.

I think my mother and I went through a phase because I was very anxious to be my own person but, damned if every turn I made I wasn't just like her or my father (or both). If I had to choose one or the other . . . it was going to be my dad just because, before that phase, he and I were far closer. I regret that now. I will never know how much I missed out on during my snit and I will never know how much I hurt her or let her down as I went through my emotions BUT I know that I'm very glad that we've kissed and made up along the way and, today, we are closer than I ever thought we could be while 1,500 miles apart. I love you, Mom. Thanks for always loving me and liking me as often as you could too!

March 20th marks the one year anniversary of your gastric bypass surgery. I remember the fears, concerns, doubts and apprehension that you experienced while trying to make a decision about this life changing surgery. There were positives to be regarded, like living a longer, healthier life and being able to easily "move" through daily tasks. In time you would experience less fatigue, be able to participate in activities that your weight now prohibited and just enjoy a higher quality of life. All of these positives would come at a price. You would need to watch your daily diet very closely for the rest of your life -and longevity prevails on your mother's side of the family! You were cautioned about the many health hazards that could result if you strayed from the set diet or if your system took an adversity to the surgery. You carefully weighted the pros and cons and made a life changing decision for yourself.

You have met with such great success with past year. The other day I was looking at your blog site. As I quickly scrolled past some of your most recent pictures I realized that I might not recognize you in a photo if it was out of context or laid out with various other photos. How sad that a mother might not recognize her own son, but there was also a rush of pride that my son could change himself so positively in 12 months time. Bravo!

An anniversary is the marking of a date on the calendar. Most often it is a time of celebration. Always an anniversary marks events that have happened - the joy and the tears - but we find ourselves changed. We are no longer the person we were one year ago. This anniversary in your life has seen you have many changes; job, home and geographic culture, but the most drastic being a positive physical metamorphism. The butterfly is now free. Love, Mom

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