Monday, March 17, 2008

Guest Blogger - My BGBFF Kate . . .

I've talked pretty openly about my BGBFF (Best Gastric Bypass Friend Forever) in the past and the importance she has had on my success since my surgery. When I first posted about her and her significance in my life - I think I might have upset Joy that I didn't feel like Joy "understood" or that I could not lean on her. As I explained to Joy at the time - it is just different when you have someone who truly has "been there" to talk with.

Kate is doing really, really well since surgery. She's an inspiration to me. She's lost more weight than most women will lose in the few months since her surgery and she's got a spirit about her life (before and after surgery) that inspires every one who meets her at support group - and I'm sure she has the same effect on people she meets casually and professionally as well.

Kate, like Ryan, is a teacher. That, to me, is all you need to know. She's given her life to bettering others. In my case, she's taught me that it is not impossible to go through this surgery without changing for the worse and she has bettered me by letting me share her journey with her . . . and by sharing my journey with me.

Thanks for the kind words and for the support in the last year, Kate. You truly are the BGBFF a guy could ever have (smile). Love you! Congrats on YOUR success since surgery too. Much more to come!!!!!

Greetings from Connecticut! Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then talking with or about my BGBFF (Best Gastric Bypass Friend Forever)! Sean Amore is truly an angel walking here on earth! He possesses a kind and giving spirit! He makes the world a better place!

Let me tell you why . . .The evening I met Sean, at the John C. Creasy Auditorium at Danbury Hospital, was the night that my life changed forever! Whether it was chance or divine intervention (let it be known that I do believe in destiny)! It was a moment I’ll never forget! Attending my first support group meeting made me a bit apprehensive. The room was packed and of course my mind was racing! I never had any doubt about having gastric bypass, but I did have a lot of questions! It was then that I glanced over and saw Sean. What was he doing you might ask? He was whispering under his breath and commenting about the good, the bad, and the ugly of what was being shared at the meeting. I had to chuckle!

I, also a woman of many words (or so I’ve been told) was immediately drawn to him. That night, he shared openly about his weight loss journey. I was intrigued by his newly acquired sense of freedom and transformation. Fortunate for me, the support group offers the opportunity to “break out” and talk to others who have “walked the road.” Sean was just a few weeks post surgery. He had just transitioned to purees. Talking to him that night was a crucial moment in my weight loss journey.

My surgery occurred approximately three months after that night. The night of my surgery, coming in and out of consciousness, I remember “seeing” Sean. It wasn’t until Day 2 in the hospital that I realized he really did come to visit to make sure I was alright. Glancing over and seeing the HUGE pink, smiling flower balloon tied to my IV pole made me realize that yes, he really had been there. Those next few days walking the halls of the hospital, with that balloon, I felt him “walking the road” beside me. I feel fortunate to declare that he never left my side. Even today, far away in Kansas, I still feel him walking by my side.

Sean and I have had the opportunity to “look at a lot of stuff.” Walking the road to weight loss surgery and the “afterlife” is a slippery slope. I have learned that there is nothing like talking with someone that has also had a lifetime of obesity, proceeded with the surgery, and is now living in the glory of the afterlife. A BGBFF is like NO other friend! Yes, Sean that is TRUE! With Sean I am able to be open and honest and never fear being judged. Yes, his humor always comes into play! That’s one of the character traits I love the most about him! His quick wit and remarkable sense of humor can light up any room and lighten up any tough situation! He always knows how to put a smile on my face!

In the short year that I have had the pleasure of calling Sean my BGBFF, I’ve watched him change! Not merely in physical size, although HOLY COW, I believe, he has broken all records in Danbury Hospital’s weight loss program and his legend continues to live on! Yes, Sean, they do still talk about you!

I’ve watched him change in his handlings with family and friends, both old and new. He truly has become a new man. He is a gifted writer, being prolific and descriptive in his blogs. I’ve enjoyed the serious side of him, discussing redemption and restoration! He has inspired me with his “personal project about his life.” His desire and drive to go back and make good, heal, gain understanding and acceptance, forgive, and be forgiven is simply astounding!

This year has been one of enlightenment, for me, too! You have had a remarkable impact on my life in more ways than you’ll ever know! Witnessing the transformation in you, and walking with such a remarkable man at my side, I can only say thank you! Thank you for wanting to be a better man! There is NO doubt that you have become a better husband, father, son, brother, professional, individual, and FRIEND!

“Anywho” . . .You always remain in my heart and mind! I miss you my dear friend! Keep up the amazing journey! May your road continue to be paved with sweetness, blessings, and happiness of every kind! You continue to awe and inspire me every day! Congrats on your remarkable year! I’m SO proud of YOU!

Happy Surgaversary!

Love Always,


nytova said...

It is really special to read such nice things about you Sean!

Joan said...

It has been quite a while since I have seen you and I must admit I do not think I would recognize you. I am very proud of what you have accomplished in the past year. Your mom gave me the information for your blog the last time we met at the mall. I have been reading the various notes about your surgery and the progress during the past year. The pics are unbelievable. Your daughter is beautiful. She will thank you someday for what you did for her by having the surgery.Take care.
Joan Bundy