Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Biggest Loser . . .

I am still faithfully watching the Biggest Loser and I still love it (it is really heating up) but I've refrained from posting the last two weeks because I don't have a lot of positive stuff to say about the people who went home. I think, for Brittany and for Dan, they both (perhaps because of their youth) were unable to handle losing weight. They both got big heads (or at least the editing of the show suggested as much) and they both seemed to show obvious signs that maybe they were not making the changes that were truly needed for a life long commitment to keeping the weight off (Brittany was just way too angry and Dan was way too careless (eating during the challenge, etc.)). ANYWHO - only five people left. Should be an outstanding conclusion. Mad props to Kelly and Ali for giving the Blue Team something to think about and to Kelly for FINALLY acting like she can do this and that she can lose weight and like herself and believe for ONCE.

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