Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Biggest Loser . . .

No real thoughts on last night's episode except to say that I really want to zip line over a 500 foot revine (sp?) today for some reason and I will miss you and your enthusiasm, your wit and your charm, Berndana! By giving her your immunity pass, you were a great friend to Brittany even though it likely was the reason you were eliminated from the competition. Lesson learned for all of us . . . stay true to your friendships and stay true to you - no matter what you weigh or what is on the line.

The other GOOD news is that there are no more teams on this seaon's Biggest Loser (literally - the last "couple" remaining on the show was Bernie and Brittany and relatively - the blue and black teams are no longer). That usually leads to some GOOD drama as the 1:1 competition takes over.

I'm pretty sure that Roger with his great sense of loyalty and commitment will win it all this season but - plenty of twists to come, no doubt.

PS - I hope your dog is loving his $2,500 gold chain as we speak, Bernie!
PPS - I don't think we'll get a new episode of the show next week (insert frown here).

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