Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser . . .

First of all, don't you EVER do this to me again, NBC. NO elimination ceremony? NO voting? NO ONE gets sent home but, instead, TWO people get added back in to the fold? CRAP. Pure crap.

Here's the long and short of it . . . the 14 people that were voted out off the ranch all came back for a weigh-in to see which woman and which man would come back to join the competition again. MAD props to just about all of you (except you, NEILL, you putz) for doing the work and losing the weight and so on. Ali (formerly of Ali and Bettie-Sue fame) looked amazing and rejoined the fold and Mahhhk, the only contestant in the history of the show that actually has a chance to win that I am actively routing AGAINST, is back too. Cue the crying over his younger brother, the lame machismo-bonding and the annyoing "Pride on Three" chants.

The MORE interesting part of the show last night was how everyone on the black team - INCLUDING Jillian - seems to be unraveling. Brittany had about four nervous breakdows (she is on the block this week, her journey might be over) and Kelly slipped further and further in to "self doubt" land (while looking just plain awkward in her super-bright red lipstick during the awkward product placement for PAM spray). Jillian, as always, had her team's back though and went right at Sami during the elimination ceremony when Alison Sweeney challenged Brittany on her defeatest attitude. I'm not totally sure what Jillian said because this is what America heard . . .

"Could you please have a BLEEPing heart this week and give this BLEEPing girl a BLEEPing break, JeBLEEPus BLEEPing BLEEP. BLEEP. BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP."
You could tell Sami was scared she was going to get the worst beatdown she's taken since Marlena was possessed by the devil in 1995!
Anywho, NEXT week we'll see an elimination ceremony unlike any other (or something like that). I'm sure it will be drama with Brittany being close to going home only to barely survive or something and Ali's vote will no doubt play a role in that drama. Did any one but me notice that the elimination ceremony looked to be taking place during the daytime for the first time ever?
Hmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah - quote of the night last night. Chastity says "Yeah, me and Bob tossed some salads . . . " (Insert gut-busting laughter here)!

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