Monday, March 24, 2008

Before and After Pictures . . .

And here are some shots from THIS Easter. Had a great time with the Terry family but missed the Amore family.

The Easter Bunny (aka Grandma and Grandpa Terry) gave Ava a Cadillac Escalade/Barbie Power Wheels for Easter/her birthday. Dad Terry and I put it together on Saturday (notice who gets trusted with the bigger, more powerful tools). No, to answer your questions, neither of us has any true affiliation with either Ivy League school . . . I just like that I can finally wear a size XL Brown sweatshirt while putting my father-in-law in an oversized Cornell swearshirt (it was very big on him, for the record).

Anywho, Ava LOVED the thing. She seemed truly surprised and scared that her foot was making her move foward in it but she enjoyed just sitting in the thing and mugging for the camera.

We took another family picture . . . why is it so impossible to have a picture where all three of us are a) looking presentable and b) looking at the camera? Oh well.

THANK YOU, by the way, for the bike, Easter Bunny/Grandma and Grandpa Terry.

I promise to ride it as often as possible and not to loose any teeth in the process (ahem).

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