Monday, March 24, 2008

Before and After Pictures . . .

We had an amazing Easter weekend (details to come) and I was uploading the 100+ pictures we took of Ava (yes, it is a SICKNESS) to the computer yesterday and I stumbled upon these two shots.

These are last pictures of me before my surgery. Joy took them off me the evening before (we think).

I was having major surgery the next morning, I weighed 483 pounds and yet - in my vanity of vanities - I felt the need to shave my nose and ear hairs to look more presentable on the operating table (notice the fresh hair cut (and neck/head fat ripples) too). Anywho, Joy felt the need to document the experience and don't I just look SOOOOO happy to be alive and having my picture taken?

Thank GOD I got a chance to take some better pictures for the ol' scrapbook-of-life.

Happy belated Easter to all.

I'm working on a real post that I'll try to get up later today or tomorrow.

Sorry I've been MIA for four whole days (I got your angry note, Ms. Impatient (smile)).

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