Friday, February 22, 2008

You Know You Sean Has Been in Kansas Too Long When He . . .

a) Attends the annual dinner of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce with Senator Pat Roberts as the Master of Ceremonies
b) Sits through the entire dinner and speaker program without so much as a dry-heave
c) HUNTS DOWN George Will for a picture after his “inspiring” keynote address about how much democrats stink, how pathetic we are to care about our fellow man in a “liberal” mindset and how much we should all hate welfare while praising Wal-Mart
d) Does not even bother to try to argue the finer points with George Will upon finding him and, instead, smiles BIGGER than George Will in said picture
e) Looks as conservative and AS SKINNY as George Will in said picture.
THANK GOD for black and white photography . . . very slimming!

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