Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentine's Day Holiday Poem . . .

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
For today's post I'm going to share a list of the things I love with you.

I love my wife and I love my daughter
I love Crystal Light packets in my bottled water
I love my brothers, Joyell and Mom and Dad
I love the classic political self-implosion that Giuliani had

I love Wichita and I love Kansas
I love the Peanut-Butter-Jelly dance
I love the sounds of waves on the beach
I love having my goal weight only 70ish pounds from reach

I love my in-laws and I love my niece
I love that either Obama or Clinton will surely make historiece
I love that Lost is back but sad it is only for eight shows
I love that this blog lets me share, with the world, my highs and lows

I love PostSecret, the concept and the blog
I love that one of my co-workers actually asked me yesterday if I'd like to join them for a jog
I love that Butcher-Butcher-Bay-Bee lives just across town
I love that, since surgery, my hair is thickening again and coming in not grey but brown

I love that I am wearing my new, smaller khaki pants today
I love in that one Rupaul song when (s)he says "Sashay, sashay!"
I love Friday Night Lights and I love Connie Britton
Okay, I don't "love" her but I'm certainly smitten!

I love my new job, I love some of my peers
I love the anti-Northeast bias some carry and their accompanying sneers
I love that I'm a healthier better man today
than I was a year ago in every possible way

I love Saturday morning gym and errands with Ava Grace
I love seeing a simple smile on her pretty little face
I love coming home when our errands are through
and seeing Joy's sparkling eyes . . . greenish-blue

I love that I won't be overeating today
I love that I don't crave the sweets of the "occassion" in any solitary way
I love the book The 48 Laws of Power and the secrets that it shares
I love that conventional wisdom is that God made us to go through this life in pairs

I love I'm alive, well, happy and improving today!
I love a lot of things so Happy Valentine's Day!


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Tricia said...

I'm a wee bit behind on reading. I'm overwhelmed that I made the poem!! Still haven't gotten together but I think of you all often. I keep hoping that I'll run in to you at New Market but truth be told, I've been trying to stop shopping! Hope to talk with you soon.