Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some V-Day Love from My Mother . . .

The "comment" technology on the blog frustrated and ultimately exhausted my mother this morning so she sent me this note and asked that I share it. Who am I to argue with my mother? You are pretty encouraging yourself (as you lose that weight and face the challenges of your health head on) and I love you too, Mom! Very, very much. Thanks for these kind words . . .

I chose today to write you a comment on your blog sight, as it is Valentines' Day - a day when you should most openly acknowledge your love for another.

Being your mother, my love for you is/was/will be unconditional. It does not matter how much weight you carry on the outside of your body's frame. A mother's love sees only the inside of her child.

Inside you have always been a caring, intelligent, humorous and determined person.

You have demonstrated leadership qualities and dared to forge a path where others might not have for fear of being "different".

You looked at a task and said "I can do this, and I can do it well!" You have always made your personality and leadership skills work to your benefit. Heavier people do use their assets to make them noticed.

Hopefully, as you lose the pounds, you will still make your personality be your main attraction. I am very proud of you for the challenges of weight loss that you have met and the new you on the outside. May the inside values stay the same.

You are my incentive and the "wind beneath my wings"!

Love, Mom

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Tricia said...

Mama are a perfect example of what ALL mothers should be. You have always been this person. I have many many fond memories of you and your family. I send you nothing but the best.