Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Okay, Jessica, Really . . .

A co-worker just shared a link with me knowing how much I love when sizism and pop culture collide on the web.

Jessica Simpson, who sits high on my "least favorite famous people of my generation" list. She is joined on the list by throngs of 20/30-something women (and men, for that matter) in America that are famous for being sort-of-attractive and sort-of-stupid with a limited-to-moderate level of talent (I add to the list the Hilton sisters and Lindsay Lohan (among many others)). It's not really her fault. She didn't really have a childhood and blah, blah, blah.

It seems that Jessica made an excercise video a few years back (probably behind the reality show she made that chronicled the rise and quick fall of her marriage and around the time she started making commercials for pizza, toothpaste and skin care products) but has since thought better of the decision and has blocked the video's release.

My PROBLEM is not with Jessica though (at least not today (smile)). My problem is with the company that she made the video with.

The owner of the SpeedFit company, Alex Astilean, had this brilliant thing to say in response to his foiled plan to release the video . . .

"They are hurting millions of fat people in America."

Well, Alex . . . on behalf of the millions of fat people in America let me assure you that . . .

a) Jessica Simpson excercising on video will not help any of us lose weight. We don't find her partricularly inspiring or uplifting and her fitness regime does not seem like something we would like to emulate or be part of.
b) Your SpeedFit operation is just a money maker for you as you clearly don't care about helping the obese. Thanks for making that clear.
c) Your STATEMENT hurts fat people more than your video on the market might help. I don't think you understand the obese-condition if you think that all of us can get help in one place, if you think just an excercise DVD could make a difference for any of us OR if you think that calling us "fat" is a nice thing to do.
d) You and I both know that there is only one reason to buy a Jessica-Simpson-in-Spandex-DVD and, for most men who would buy it, it only works a few very specific muscles

Anywho, that's the rant-du-jour.

For those of you that DO want a good work out video, I strongly recommend the Biggest Loser work-out series (there are four of them to choose from). Joy and I have sweat many a pound away in the last few years thanks to the DVDs and they are very good for people who are obese, who might have limited range of motion (you can make most of the activities fit your abilities (however big or small that ability might be)) and who don't get much out of watching idiot-stick-figures like Jessica Simpson gyrate. You can find them here.

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