Monday, February 4, 2008

How Very Liberating . . .

Like many families in our neighborhood, we have a strong tradition that really bonds our family together on Sunday mornings and gives us focus for the week ahead.

Yesterday was no exception and Joy, Ava and I made our standard, weekly pilgrimage to the altar of Target yesterday morning knowing our spirits would be renewed and our Kleenex supply would be replenished.

One thing was a little different than "normal" though. As we rolled past the men's clothing section, I slowed the roll of our four-wheeled chariot and looked around.

This was truly something new and different. I've never even thought of Target as a clothing store for me.

Sure Joy buys stuff there from time to time and about 70% of Ava's wardrobe has come from the Bullseye over the last 18 months but Target was just another place that I could NOT shop.

I would not say I'm going to become a faithful Target clothing shopper. I won't imply that I was particularly impressed with the style and selection in the men's section (what the heck is up with novelty pajamas for full-grown men, by the way?) BUT I did pick up a t-shirt. A grey one. For $6.50.

That small purchase inspired me. I spent the drive home making a mental checklist of all of the stores that I don't need to shop at anymore. Stores that have clothed me and taken care of me for well over a decade. Stores that sent me their catalogs, their frequent customer e-mails, their promotional coupons and their big-is-okay mentalities. Stores that, to be honest, I guess I just thought I would ALWAYS shop at. I am not going to lie - there was a three year period of my life where my favorite clothing label was George Foreman. Yes - THAT Georg Foreman!

Anywho, after we got Ava to bed last night I spent thirty minutes going from store website to store website to remove myself from the mailing lists of King Size, CasualMaleXL, Rochester Big & Tall, Westport Big & Tall and Big and Tall Direct. I don't know why I invested the time and energy (perhaps it was my new found love for our planet and my resentment for the paper wasted in sending me catalog after catalog but that is UNLIKELY) but it felt really good to know that Big and Tall-specific clothing stores were no longer part of my life and I hope and pray they are never again part of my life!

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