Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Biggest Loser . . .

FINALLY an episode of The Biggest Loser that did not make me cry . . . for better or for worse though, the blue team cried enough for ALL of us instead.

What an interesting experience - spend ten weeks with a "partner" and a bunch of strangers and end out developing team cheers and "brother" dynamics that end with a batch of HIDEOUS tattoos to remember the experience for the rest of your life.

I fear the blue team lost sight of what they were actually on the ranch for at some point in the last few weeks. Sure - they continue to lose weight (a LOT of weight) but they rarely mention the weight loss and the improving health as part of their swaggart. Instead it is about "mopping the floor" with the black team and enjoying "Vegas, Baby" with the boys.

Interesting how the all-girl-except-Berndana black team seems to be solely focused on what weight they can and can't lose and how they can't compete if they don't lose the weight (they seem to have no desire to mop anything with anyone).

So Mahhhhk went home last night. FINALLY. With his departure, all three of my "favorites to win" at season's beginning have been reduced to just one team member each (come on Kelly - since I can't, in good faith, root for Chastity or Jay any more) and it means that the evil, nasty maestro of the "ranch" will no longer be able to control his younger brother or the rest of the team.

Could the black team have the advantage they need to destroy the blue team from here? Could the scales have been tipped? It seems like the show is "changing" once again next week so we might never know BUT I was happy for the black team that they could stop the losses and they could finally focus on the fact that they ARE in the game. They ARE doing well. They ARE having fun. They ARE losing weight. I was happy for them.

Overall, not a great episode (I hate and resent the "tease" footage that the boys in Vegas would lose their minds and eat, drink and booze the trip away v. work out) but at LEAST I got through an episode without crying and at least Mahhhk is gone.

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