Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Biggest Loser . . .

Wow-wow-wowzas! Last night's The Biggest Loser was action (and crying) packed and left me begging for more.

First, Trent. My good man, Trent! I admire you for NOT playing "the game" but for being at the house to lose weight, get fit and to be there for your son (who you once called Pumpernickel (to my great delight)) and for your wife. I admire you for saying that you felt that with your knee healed you could and would continue to lose weight (and you DID) and for not letting your terrible band of brothers (Mark and Jay especially) play yet another game with my dear, sweet Chastity. Any one else but me have a hard time taking him seriously when he was crying about how lonely his room was without his mother? Joy and I joked that it is probably the first time in his life that he's slept farther than "down the hall" from his mother.

Second, Paul. My good man, Paul! I've been rooting for this guy since the first commerical I saw for this season and I will not stop cheering for him. Last night made me even more his fan. When he talked about his father abusing him, I just about lost it and when he and Kelly talked about how they "knew" they would be next to go, I got so scared. THANK GOD the black team pulled it out (by ONE pound) at the weigh in. I think Paul is going to be just fine. He seems to have gotten something out of his therapy session and he seems very committed. NOW - if only his right man-boob would go away like his left one already did (scary stuff at the weigh in) and if only Kelly would love him again and they could get back together . . . my life as a spectator and a cheerleader would be complete!

Overally - an interesting episode! I especially liked the way therapy was handled on the show. Three of the black team members seemed to want to sit and chat (not sure about the other two) and the blue team chose to "walk it out instead of talk it out" showing the dumb machismo that drives that squad.

I, myself, have been in therapy three times in my life. The first time was when we first moved to Groton and I had a hard time adjusting. The second time was around the time I was finishing graduate school (I had a quarter-life crisis and was unsure what to do about it) and the third time was right before I met Joy. In hind sight, my weight BALLOONED around all three adventures on the couch and all three times were "low points" in my life that were followed by much more enjoyable times where I felt like I flourished as an individual.

I don't think it is "unmanly" to talk about your problems with a professional. Of course I also cry when watching Lost, The Biggest Loser and some episodes of Super Nanny. I can tell you my favorite scent of Yankee Candle and "The Hours" is one of my favorite movies so perhaps I am NOT the ultimate judge of what it means to be a "man" after all!

I also don't think that therapy is for everyone. You have to do some mental evaluations to get gastric bypass surgery. All three times I went through the process I met with a therapist and all three times they made these weird assumptions about me and my history and my mental positions (I guess the stereotypes of how people get fat go beyond the economy (smile))! I didn't really share anything with any of them because I just wanted to get through the process (I was HONEST but not overly communicative). I TRUSTED all three of my real therapists though.

None of this has anything to do with anything . . . nevermind.

Good episode of The Biggest Loser. Glad to see that Trent was there for the right reasons and I'm glad to see that the show is continuing to progress and to show the various OTHER aspects of long term weight loss success beyond just 100 days on a ranch with Sami and Bob and Jillian. I hope Jillian's mother (or a shrink) becomes a regular component of the show like it is on the HORRIBLE "Celebrity Fit Club" that VH1 can't seem to get enough of.
FIVE of my favorite six (including my beloved Paul) are still in the hunt on the show. Only nine players remain. Did I FINALLY pick a winner to hitch my horse to? I still miss you, Jez!

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