Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Four Inches Gone . . .

I went to the Super Weekend Bonus Buys sale this weekend at JC Penney.

The sales at JC Penney are sort of funny to me. A) It seems like they have a sale every single weekend and B) That sale is always billed as the "Biggest" or "Best" sale of the month/season/year/weekend. I'm not complaining.

The ol' Amore family budget is not as loosy-goosy as it once was and we always welcome a sale accordingly but there is something funny about a perpetual sale that makes you wonder if there even are "regular" prices to be had at our nation's second largest department store chain.

Anywho - I've pledged my devotion to the St. John's Bay Worry-Free Loose Fit Pant in this forum before and my statement that this "pant" is the finest chino available on the market today. They never wrinkle, they have perma-crease lines, they block all crap (spills, dirt, mud, Ava's smeared chap stick) from even possibly becoming a stain AND they don't even think about shrinking in the dryer. Most importantly, they look good and they hold my increasingly gelatinous (sp?) belly in place and, according to Joy, they make my biscuits look bitable (that's your mental image of the day, Mom and Dad).

I went yesterday with my dear, sweet Ava Grace, who insisted on opening the changing room door three times (all three times when I was completely pantless), to try on and buy some new pants (the ones I bought the week after Christmas are way too big on me already) and I was very pleased to find that I've lost another four inches off my waist. I now wear a size 44" (which I know is very large to most of you but that was NINTH GRADE for me so I feel pretty good about it) and I'm down a total of TWENTY SIX inches from my all-time-high.

The worst part about my discovery is that I had to buy a size 46" pant yesterday because my excess skin from my shrinking belly is too much for the front of a pair of 44" pants. I need to get more sit-ups going and try to shrink the belly that lies under that skin before I can really take advantage of my new waist size. It makes me think about the "body life" procedure that I swore I would never have.

I'll be darned, I'm starting to realize, if I am going to lose 280 pounds (let's assume I will hit my goal weight) but still have to wear over sized pants because I have more skin than my body needs. That's just not right.

Anywho - I also tried on an XL shirt that sort of fit (I could not sit down in it but it looked good standing up) and I bought some new sleeping pants that are a size XXL. One year ago today I wore an 6XL t-shirt (down from an 8XL) and a 7XL button down shirt and a 6XL - 8XL drawstring pant.

Anywho - yesterday's shopping was the best of times and the worst of times. And I'm already looking forward to the next big sale at JC Penney.

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