Monday, January 14, 2008

Wilton Villager Article on Gastric Bypass (Featuring Lil' Ol' Me) . . .

I spoke with Frank MacEachern of the Wilton Villager for about 45 minutes last week for an article he was writing on Gastric Bypass surgery at Danbury Hospital. I was nervous to speak with him NOT because I didn't trust him or because I don't like talking about my surgery (clearly my blog would prove I have nothing to hide) but because I was afraid of being presented in his paper as some lonely, lonely fat man who needed surgery to be loved or accepted (some of Frank's questions made me wonder if that was the angle he was working as we spoke).

I thought I had reason to worry. As a person who has made his career working in PR - I am always amazed when I read an article, listen to a radio report or see a TV report about/featuring one of my clients or one of my executives.

Not because my vanity and ego NEEDS to see my work in print (my ego does LIKE that rush though) but because the journalist covering "my" stories almost always focuses on one specific area of comment or one small comment that then turns in to "the" story. It simple amazes me to see what journalists like to focus on when they put together their stories.

My point is simple here . . . I really respect Frank for NOT doing that to me. He did a great job of taking all the many, many, many long, long winded things I said to him (let's be honest - I am a talker and a bit of a blow-hard) and he nicely reflected my entire experience before, during and after my surgery.

Thanks for that, Frank.

The ONLY thing I was not crazy about is that the article (and I feel like I have to address it here) might imply that Joy and Joy's love and role and importance in my life was not enough to motivate me to get healthy.

I might over worry here (my co-worker read the article and did not get the impression I took away and said I was being "silly") because she means the world to me and I love her so very, very much and I don't ever want her to think that I didn't appreciate her love then (as much as I do now) and understand all the sacrafices she made every minute of every day because she loved me.

I had, for the record, this surgery for US, as a family.

Me, Joy and Ava and my commitments to my girls as a husband and father.

I DID say that Joy knew the risks of loving a man my size and I did acknowledge that Ava did NOT but I never meant to imply that - before Ava - I didn't have enough motivation in my life and a person that was worthy of me getting healthy.

I had just been too lazy for "just" Joy. I can see and admit that now and I apologize to Joy on a regular basis for having not done more for her when it was just us. I love you, and I'm sorry, Pop Tart.

Anywho - enough about it for now.

To read the whole article on Gastric Bypass at Danbury Hospital - click HERE.

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