Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome Back Nourishment . . .

After a good 60 hour drought of any food entering my belly and yet almost 60 straight hours of stuff somehow leaving the same belly (it was like the loaves and fishes miracle without the beach full of supporters or the happy ending) my pouch flu finally officially left me late last night.

I celebrated this morning with a return to nourishment.

With snow days for both Ava and Joy (we got at least 1 FULL inch of snow over night so the state is all but shut down today (and likely tomorrow too)), we had some extra time this morning to just hang out as a family - and we took full advantage.

I had eight ounces of the most delicious skim milk I've ever drank at our family breakfast and I plan to follow that up a little later today with some reduced fat Triscuits and some partial-skim, low fat cheddar cheese.

It's like being a month out from surgery all over again. I'm somehow excited to be able to just drink some milk and eat a few crackers and a chunk of cheese. I can't wait to get on a scale - I hope I lost those last few pounds to get me over the 200 pound mark during my (cue the string section) dire medical crisis (cut the string section) of the last few days.

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