Thursday, January 10, 2008

Show Me Pictures . . .

Pretty much all of my new co-workers know that I've had gastric bypass surgery and many of them have asked me questions and we've talked about it and they comment on how great I look (for the record - I've only lost 20 or 25 pounds (about 1/10th of my total weight loss) so I don't really understand how/why they say I look great other than they have been socialized to compliment people who have lost weight).

ANYWHO - one of my favorite co-workers DEMANDED that I put together some pictures of me before surgery so she could get an idea of what I used to look like. She then, after picking her jaw off the floor at the difference, suggested I post those pictures here.

Here they are - do with them what you will.

Joy and I, May, 2005, about a week before our wedding. Note how Joy is almost totally hidden in this picture - by my belly alone.

Joy and I on our wedding day, June 4, 2005. Joy and I were pretty sure this is the best I had ever looked (in our time together) and I look at it now and I'm not sure I look good AT ALL. I'm happy - no mistake - but I don't look "good".
Joy and I (and my college friends Chris Delenick and Tom Kelly) at Bruce Cohn's wedding in Rhode Island one month after our wedding. Note how much tighter my suit is - just a month after I wore it to our own wedding. I had gained at least 20 pounds back in the month between the two weddings.
This is Joy on and I about 10 mintues after Ava was born on July 27, 2006. We went home from the hospital that night - exhausted - and started to go through the pictures and I remember being sick to my stomach. Part of it was just a long and emotional day (story for another time) and part of it was the nerves of being a father. The rest of it was just realizing that I weighed over 40x what Ava weighed when that picture was taken - and I was all but sure that I might somehow crush her. True story.
Ava and I in December, 2006 (the day after we attended the informational session on gastric bypass surgery at Danbury Hospital) during our first Connecticut snow. Joy used to always ask me if I was asleep when we would watch TV or a movie together and it always drove me nuts . . . seeing this picture helps me understand. I was so obese in the face that my eyes didn't seem "open" - even when they were. Also, note the t-shirt only attire to go out in the cold December air. The world used to be SO warm all the time.


nytova said...

oh you're still a handsome devil with a fabulous smile, only now with with 40% less mass and a new outlook.

wow it IS kinda trippy to look back at those pics...

miss ya!!

Sean C. Amore said...

Thanks, NYtoVA. Life, overall, has been good to me no matter what size I was. I am just not starting to really see how great life is though. And - I may have always been a (the?) devil but handsome . . . not so much.