Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day . . .

So I'm now officially part of the blogosphere as Al Gore and the other inventors of the Internet and social networking inteded it to be . . . I have made friends with another blogger - and not just a blogger but another blogger who cares about The Biggest Loser and blogs about it.

So we went to lunch on Friday (with a few of my co-workers (she used to work here)) and the White Team came up. It seems for every ounce of loathing and spite I carry for them - my girl Brandi carries another candle of love, burning in her heart. Brandi even spoke with the White Team for her blog. You can read how Tribal-banded-Calf-Neill spun his brief time at the ranch and his weight loss (NOTE - Neill talks (and giggles) about how much better their love life is (tee-hee, tee-hee)) to Brandi here.

I'm going to post a very brief recap of last night's The Biggest Loser this morning as I'm a little swamped here.

First - rest easy, my pets, the Black, Orange and Yellow teams are all safe (Yellow was on TOP last night, as a matter of fact) and the Orange team (Chastity Bono and his mother) were once again superior to the black team. Purple team almost went home but - JOY OF JOYS! The White Team was sent packing.

THANK YOU, remaining teams, for getting Neill off my favorite TV show. And THANK YOU for telling him that you were voting him off for his lack of effort and enthusiasm (and I hope at least a little bit for those tats).

Next week should be good - there is a "twist" where it will be one team against all of the other teams. They showed black, yellow and pink (pink had a GREAT mother-daughter moment last night that produced my "tears of the episode" (I do need to find a corporate sponsor for my weekly cry during the Biggest Loser)) as the likely team on their own!

Go Yellow team. Keep love alive, Gary!

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BrandiK said...

It wasn't a "candle of love" per se- as it was just a genuine liking. They're nice folks- from my home town, I got to talk to them befor the premiere. I saw the flaws- but unlike everyone else- I believed they could fix them.

:) Brandi @ Diets In Review