Friday, January 25, 2008

Lip Gloss . . .

One of Ava's favorite bathtime songs of late is a little diddy called Lip Gloss from New York's own Lil' Mama.

I doubt many of you are familiar with Lil' Mama (you totally should be - your 99 cents on iTunes have never been spent better) or her musical catalogue so let me sort of set the scene.

The song, both utterly annoying and ungodly catchy at the same time, is a 17 year old girl's open love letter to her lip gloss collection and how "all the girls be jealous" and "all the boys be jockin'" because she knows how to keep her lips adequately moist and protected from harsh weather conditions (okay, she doesn't really "say" that is why she loves lip gloss but it is sort of implied).

Regardless, the song is a keeper at the ol' Amore household because if you've never seen Ava dancing, clapping and babbling along with Lil' Mama in a warm vapor bath with a mound of shampoo suds jiggling on top of her head . . . you don't really understand how truly great the song is or how wonderful the joy of youth can be.

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