Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's Back, Babies . . .

Another season of The Biggest Loser kicked off last night. I can't express enough to you just how much I LOVE that friggin' show!

This season is very, very different than the previous four seasons and, I have to say, so far, I think the changes are for the best.

Season 5 of The Biggest Loser finds us with "couples" - sort of a misnomer in that the teams are all coupled off (as in sets of two) but they are not all couples in the "Romantic Couples Getaway Weekend" sense of the word. They are husbands and wives, fathers and daugthers, mothers and sons, EX husbands and EX wives, brothers, best friends and - for one team - total strangers.

Last night's episode started off strong. Here are the things that are important to note if you plan to track the show through my obsession with the show for another season . . .

1 - I felt SO bad for Jenni last night. Jenni, who was on the green team with her father, Lynn, found herself excited at a chance to "bond" with her father (not a GOOD word to hear for a woman in her early 30s talking about her father in his 60s (they have not bonded yet? really?) and good old Lynn found himself less than interested in being on the show at all. He broke promises to his daughter. He, once they were found to be on the elimination block, told the other contestants to go ahead and send them home and - even after they were eliminated, criticized the show and his daughter's want to be there - WITH HIM - to succeed. It reminded me of the struggles I am having with my parents about their diets and weight right now and how badly I want them to be around for 20 more years (if not more) and how scared it makes me that they might not be if their health doesn't improve. I will carry the green torch and I can't WAIT for the finale to see how Jenni is looking and if Lynn seems to get it at all . . .

2 - I hate the newleyweds. The white team - Neill and Amanda. I'm not sure exactly what about them gets my goat but, they do. It might be the BAD tattoo that Neill is sporting. It might be just how critical they are, as a team, of some of the other teams and it might just be the smug "we are soooooo in love" vibe they throw off BUT - I can't root for them. I CAN root for the next episode though - it seems like there might be troubles during the honeymoon.

3 - The Black Team, just like in Season 4, features brothers and they are bad assed. Jay and Mark look to be the team to beat and it seems like the black team, with Jillian as their trainer, are on the rise again too. I was, of course, thinking the whole time just how UNLIKELY my brothers and I are to ever do any activities together - much less risk 100 days on a ranch together . . . working out . . . and competing. I love them both but - that is just nutty talk!

4 - My sentimental favorites for the show are the yellow team - Paul and Kelly. Ex-spouses, the couple got fat together and then went their seperate ways. Joy and I suspect that two ectopic pregnancies and three miscarriages were as much the stress as the food and the weight but both factors likely contributed to the other so . . . it is either six or a half dozen, you choose. Anywho, I WANT Paul and Kelly to lose weight, get married again, adopt a half dozen children and live happily ever after. That is my hope for them. The toughest moment of the whole show . . . during the weigh in . . . Sami was questioning if they worked harder on the ranch or at marriage and Paul (who is clearly still deeply in love with his ex-wife) says "One of us gave up on our marriage" and Kelly just started to cry and said "We said we wouldn't say things to hurt each other any more." and it just broke my heart. He kissed her repeatedly on the cheek and whispered over and over how sorry he was - and I believe him. I NEED them to win. I NEED it.

5 - Joy thought Dan (who is competing with his mom as the orange team) was a woman. Look for that to be a reoccuring joke here on the blog for months to come. OH and they are the orange team (my favorite color) so I want them to do well too - if only so I can see bright orange clothing on television (a total rarity).

That is it - another season is upon us. Black looks like the team to beat. Yellow, I hope, is the team to beat and orange is AWESOME.

Did you watch? What are your thoughts?

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