Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Okay, Really . . .

A handful of people have e-mailed and called me in regards to yesterday's post. Joy and I even talked about it last night for a few minutes since she seemed to be a little "concerned" as well.

Let me assure any one that is worried that I am FINE and all of you are FINE too.

I really didn't know that as my body melted away - the sharp points and sticky pieces of the real me that hid under the layers and layers of my fat would be exposed and I would actually try to deal with them and, by proxy, see this venue as a way to share the FULL impact of this surgery on my life.

I hope to continue to share things (good and bad) that I remember about my past and that I am going through in my present with this blog and in talking with people and in the way I carry myself and act in relationships moving forward.
For those of you that knew me in DC - don't worry - I didn't expect any one to say anything or do anything to help me out. I lied and hid things and I tried to be happier and I appreciate that many of you were willing to let me live the charade. I also know that my generally "volcanic" demeanor during that time in my life was not exactly welcoming to expressions of concern for my health too.

Stop worrying. KNOW that I'm BETTER than fine and you have nothing to worry about!

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