Saturday, January 26, 2008

I CAN Eat Cereal! . . .

When I first signed up for this whole Gastric Bypass lifestyle - one of the foods I was most sad to be saying "goodbye" to was cereal. I used to like nothing more than pouring half a box of Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs in a bowl, cutting a banana over the top, drowning the contents with milk and eating until the queasies sat in (and that was just one of dozens of my cereal creations).

I knew then what I still abide by now . . . you can not eat and drink at the same time following your surgery and therefore you can't eat a solid that is soaking in a liquid for breakfast, lunch, dinner or your snack.

The other downside to cereal itself, of course, is that the stuff is typically loaded with sugar and it rarely to never had any protein to speak of.

That is - I am pleased to inform you all - a problem of the past.

God BLESS the fine folks over at the Special K research and development lab.

The Amore household (all three of us AND Grandma and Grandpa Amore) are all proud to endorse their latest offering - Special K Protein Plus.

The cereal - when eaten at the suggested serving size of 3/4 of a cup (which is more than enough) with 1/2 cup of skim milk (I let my cereal sit and stew in the milk for a while to get good and soggy and then I just throw away the milk that remains after I carefully "drain" each spoonful of sugar) - contains just three grams of fat, 140 little calories and 14 GRAMS OF PROTEIN.

Special K Protein Plus also has five grams of dietary fiber, only two grams of sugar (it tastes much sweeter) and a ton of vitamins and minerals too.

Welcome back to my life, cereal. I've MISSED you!

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