Friday, January 4, 2008

Dressing for Success . . .

I've decided to up my "work game" in 2008. Joy read my January horoscope this morning and it seems that January is a HUGE month for setting me up for the year ahead (I WISH I was kidding).

I face stiff odds though - only two months in to my job, I'm not exactly suited for a promotion or a raise and I am not about to leverage a coup SO I am focusing, instead, on what I wear to work . . .

The reality is that my office is just not a very "formal" place. Employees are welcome to bring their dogs to work (we have two or three dogs running around here on any given day with dog snacks and toys scattered everywhere) and we are welcome to bring our kids (snow days take on a whole new meaning when you have ten kids of varying ages playing ping pong 20 feet from you and challenging each other to foot races while you are trying to work) and . . . how do I say this . . . the dress "code" (or lack of) is very, very casual.

Our CEO frequently wears jeans and Hawaiian shirts to the office - in the winter. Jeans are the official pant five days a week for many of my peers and t-shirts with crafty sayings and funny pictures are all the norm (especially in the creative department where "too cool for school" is an understatement). When I first arrived on the scene, I tried to maintain the attire I wore to my old job (sports coat, button down and khakis every day - ties three days a week) but, following some criticism and answering my own inner-dialogue to "fit in" - I quickly backed away from the sports coats and the ties and, in some cases, even the button downs (sweaters over t-shirts). I even wore sneakers in here. ONCE. On a Friday. When I was leaving early.

This new environment and clothing ethos for me comes at a uniquely challenging time for me as I am finally starting to feel good about my body and my general appearance and I am also (the REAL issue) FINALLY able to shop in more places than just my big and tall men's stores for the first time in a long, long time.

As part of my continued "2008 is the Year of Happiness" campaign - I have decided to forget fitting in, to kiss "blending" good bye and to embrace my inner "prepster" (as Joy often refers to my sense of style) and I have worn button downs, dressy shoes, dress pants and TIES for the first three business days of 2008.

And it is WORKING. I feel better about myself. I am happy to be wearing my new, better fitting, better looking, appearance enhancing clothes AND I am happy to be doing things my way. Even if "my way" just means pieces of silk tied around my own neck.

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Tricia said...

SEAN!!! I am glad you are doing so well. I read your blog a few times a week. I can't tell you how many times I've had to hold in the laughter and the tears from the funny things you say and the memories you relive. I'm glad things seem to be going well for you here in good ole Wichita. It takes a bit getting used to but after you're here for a while, it feels like home. The wind, however, never gets any easier, I assure you. I hope someday your family and mine can get together and just enjoy a good time. Take care of yourself and I hope to talk to you soon!
Tricia Udland (Williams)