Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Game Play . . .

The opening theme song of The Biggest Loser asks viewers (somewhat rhetorically) "What have you done today to make you feeeeeeel proud?" and the answer for this season's contestants, based on last night's episode might be a whole lot for some and a whole lotta' nuttin' for others.

I must say last night might have been my favorite single episode of The Biggest Loser to date. That includes all four previous seasons and the thrilling finales/reunions that always touch my heart like only Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls once could.

Last night had it ALL. Touching and tearful letters from home, game play, competitive banter, a small handful of surprise twists and even my main man Paul in a martial arts jumper! It was AWESOME.

The episode started with twist numero-uno . . . the Yellow Team - having finally taken their rightful place as the Biggest Loser Team of the Week was immediately seen as "the" threat in the house - over the orange team AND the black team (who had been at or near the top of the leaderboard all three previous weigh ins). With that target on their backs, Paul and Kelly were voted by the Black, Pink and Purple teams as the team they would most like to send home BUT they didn't go home - instead - they got to play a game of one v. all with the other six teams.

And play the game they DID. My little divorcees came to play, hard core. Paul went in to ninja mode, literally, spouting off about becoming the tiger he always was and threatening bodily harm to all that messed with him and his ex-wife. Jillian seemed both tickled and scared as she reminded Paul that he could not get mad - he had to play the game and had to stay "friendly" towards those that wanted he and Kelly gone. Good advice from a great trainer.

So Paul and Kelly whooped up on the challenge for the week (a pool crossing, peg boarded festival that saw only one pool dive and very little drama) but the team decided to WAIVE their reward (letters from home) and give them, instead, to the SIX other teams. NICE game play, yellow. Now they are all going to be your friends and stuff, right? Errrr, we'll see.

I should stop here to talk about a conversation Joy and I had last night as we watched - you see Joy thinks Kelly may or may not cry too much and get too "woe is me" too often. I agree with Joy that Kelly does not share Paul's attitude when things get tough BUT, as I pointed out to Joy, Kelly is in the LAST place where she should feel like an outsider or the enemy or the butt of the joke or the target - she is SURROUNDED by fat people. They SHOULD all get along. They SHOULD all support each other. Kelly has lost pregnancies and lost her husband and she's sad and she's lonely and she's miserable about being down all the time. She isn't weak - just downtrodden. I would be Kelly too if I had ONE taste of success in my life and I was smacked down for it two minutes later. I feel for her. And I LOATHE the game playing and the stupid Survivor-esque game play that factors in to this game more and more as each season progresses.

So - anywho - the deal with one v. all was that if Kelly and Paul could NOT beat the average weight loss percentage of the other six teams, they had to leave, immediately. If they could beat it - they got to choose who left. Period. So - some of the teams saw OPPORTUNITY in this. IF they "threw" the weigh-in and lost little to no weight, the BLACK TEAM would be a logical target to go home. The yellow team beat the pack (handily, thanks to minimal efforts and water consumption to be safe by at LEAST the team of Camp Counselor and Her-Perhaps-Secret-Lover (purple) and Chastity and Mother Bono (orange) and perhaps the blue team as well (the girl at least)).

But, NBC, always the omnipotent network - gave the Biggest Loser Team of the Week immunity so when the black team lost more weight than any one else (NO shocker there - and for the record if the other teams had voted black to be the outsider team, they would have DOUBLED the weight loss percentage of the other six teams average and been safe either way) they were not sent packing anwyay - defeating the strategy of the yellow team and making the water-drinkers just look like the little people their minds are helping them to be.

SO - long story long - the PINK team got sent off in an ending twist worthy of M. Night Shamylan - the yellow team ONLY considered sending home the teams that voted for them to put them on the outside to begin with and since black was safe and purple made some sort of plea to keep them since they ONLY had fat kids camp to go back to for motivation if they got sent home (or whatever the logic was) - poor Bette-Sue and Alli got sent out.

LOVE the class of the pink team to call out the rest of the teams for their terrible game play and for how unfair their eviction from the ranch was and LOVE that Bette-Sue said that she would be skinnier than all you "fat people" at the final weigh-in anyway.

Another great episode. More tears for me (letters from home kill me every time) and all three of my teams (the yellow, the orange and the black) are still safe and seem to be sailing towards the long haul.

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