Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another One of "Those" Moments . . .

I woke at 6:25 AM CT this morning knowing that this would be no "ordinary" morning.

Joy starts school this morning. Ava has been coughing, sneezing, hacking and wheezing and a light, freezing rain fell over Wichita last evening. Just enough to coat the windows and make the driveways, roads and sidewalks slick and really jam up my morning as I scraped off two cars.

Following a quick tooth brushing and a fumbling search for my glasses, I strapped on my coat, hat, gloves and scarf, a pair of socks and . . . my flip flops.

I was already downstairs. Joy and Ava were sleeping. I was feeling strapped for time as it was (it takes a GOOD 20 seconds to walk up the stairs, grab some shoes/sneakers/boots from my closet and walk back down the stairs) and - still adjusting to the "new" me - I have run many a wintertime errand in just flip flops and not given it a second thought.

This morning was different. VERY different. I slid - literally - from the side door in to the driveway. I slipped and faltered my way around Joy's car (grabbing on several times to avoid falling to the icy driveway below) and I felt, even with my socks, a terrible, terrible chill in each of my ten little toes by about half way around my own car (I cleaned Joy's off first, chivalry is not dead - just very, very old, frail and tired).

The lesson - I can't wear my flip flops outside in the winter any more. Without the 200 pounds I have lost since last winter to anchor me on my flip flops and to insulate my toes, feet and ankles - it is just not safe or practical for me to step out on a January day like I was heading to the beach.

But don't worry - I had promised Joy last at the end of this summer to throw away all of my flip flops anyway in exchange for more "appropriate" (as in age, stage of life and land-locked-state aware appropriate) footwear. Footwear that will leave me safe and secure at any tempurature and on any surface like my still virginal canvas Chucks and a pair of blucher mocs I'm hoping to score for my birthday.
I made good on that promise this morning - for Joy's sanity and my safety.

Fare thee well, flip flops. You've served me well and for that . . . I salute you!


BrandiK said...

I only had two takeaways from this and neither really having anything to do w/ "the point" of the entry.

1. Did I put together the context clues correctly that you were wearing SOCKS with FLIP FLOPS?? Oh I pray it isn't so. One word for that- yucky.

2. There is nothing immature, youth-like or any other mean-spirited term that should ever be used in regard to flip flops. They are the saintest (yes, saintest) of all footwear. For the love- JESUS WORE THEM! I was married wear flip flops and I'll be buried in my flip flops. So you just go ahead and enjoy your old-man, foot-suffocating "adult" shoes.

Sean C. Amore said...

I am no Jesus, my friend. His shoes do not apply accordingly. And - YES - I wore socks with my flip flops . . . and I did with all the moxy I could muster!