Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've Never Been SO Happy to be SO Sick . . .

I've been under the weather lately. Actually I've been "sick" or "sorta sick" or "icky" or "on my deathbed" since I arrived here in Wichita on Halloween. I FINALLY figured I should go see a doctor when I could barely get up the energy to climb the stairs to go to bed Christmas night (actually JOY insisted that I go ahead and make an appointment but, as per usual with these minor battles between us, she was crafty enough to have it LOOK like my idea when it was all said and done).

Anywho, the good doctor could not see me until today at 3:00 and it was totally worth the wait.

I am very pleased to announce that my weight today is 295 pounds. I know that sounds like a TERRIBLY high number to trumpet through the world wide web BUT, for me, it is a HUGELY important number and I could not be more excited right now (okay, truth be told if I could breathe through my nose and without physical discomfort in my chest I would be happier).

I am in the TWOS! My weight starts with a TWO. Not a FIVE. Not a FOUR. Not a THREE but a TWO. I am still losing almost 1/2 of a pound a DAY! I'm only 12 pounds from my initial one year goal (with three months to go I am SURE to meet it and am more confident than ever that I will meet my revised one year goal of 225 pounds lost).

On the third day of Christmas, my doctor gave to me - a greatly exciting weight, a sinus infection and a bundle of regional allergies. Good times!

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