Monday, December 17, 2007

Business Trip . . .

I am leaving a little later today for my first business trip since my surgery.

I tell you this only because there was a very exciting twist to the usually dreaded task of packing last night. Since I only have one day of meetings (tomorrow), I decided to use my garment bag for packing. I put my suit in the garment bag and zipped it up.

That's right. Just in and zipped. I didn't have to fold the jacket over itself and then do the thing where you put the sleeves just so and then tuck the bottom of the coat back up as such - being sure to leave everything else perfectly flat at the same time.

In otherwords - my suits fit in a garment bag. No fancy moves or folding tricks required. Just in, zip and go. NO need to iron the entire suit tomorrow morning. NO worries about ruining my suit during travel (my formerly used magic packing moves are downright dangerous for wools) AND no need to send it out for a formal pressing upon my return either.

If my meeting goes HALF as well as the packing process . . . I'll be a happy, happy guy.

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