Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to the Gym and Other Weekend Adventures . . .

What a weekend! I went for my initial consultation with my personal trainer (giggle, giggle, gag that I have a personal trainer) at the YMCA Saturday morning. The first thing he wanted to do was weigh me, get my blood pressure, body fat percentage, log my BMI and get my fitness goals. While my numbers would probably HORRIFY the average personal trainer (or the average gym goer, for that matter), I was PROACTIVE to tell my trainer that, while I didn't know exactly how much I weighed, I have lost about 200 pounds since the begining of the year and over 170 pounds since my gastric bypass surgery.

Here are the specifics (I am proud of them, gasp in horror all you want) . . .

Weight - 303lbs. That is 230 pounds less than the heaviest I have ever weight, 180 pounds less than I weighed the morning of my surgery (less than nine months ago) and 20 pounds less than I weighed the last time I stepped on a scale in late-September (still losing about 1/4 - 1/3 of a pound per day). MOST encouraging . . . I am almost in the 200s (should be there by the end of the week or by my 9-month marker for SURE) for the first time since I started at GW in January,1998).

% Body Fat - I'm at 38% right now. That means well over 1/3 of my body is fat. That being said, I was in the high 60s the last time I had my % body fat tested. I'm down to almost half of that fat percentage. More interesting (for me) is the fact that I am not that far off the national figures for my gender and age on % and - if I meet my weight loss/fitness goals in the next year - I will be BELOW average (and in a healthy range) by this time next year. That is a statement I could not have even said, without laughing, a year ago.

BMI (Body Mass Index) - My current BMI is 42. That is down from 66 the morning of my surgery. I've lost over 33% of my body mass in the last nine months. More encouraging - if I can lose 3% more of my body (about 20 more pounds) - I will be simply "obese" instead of "morbidly obese" for the first time since the start of my junior year of college.

So all those numbers and stats are great and encouraging and exciting but here is what is even better . . . Joy and I went ot CasualMaleXL on Friday evening so I could buy some sweatpants and t-shirts for the gym. I bought a 2x for both. There was a time - not that long ago - when I wore an 8x for both. The morning of my surgery, I wore a 6x for each. Visually it looks like this . . .


See the difference? How about this . . . I was also treated to a new pair of jeans (my wife loves me) and I tried on the 52s (the last pants I bought) and they were too big. I tried on the 50s and they were too big. So I got the 48s. That's 22 inches off my waist, for those keeping track at home. I have lost almost TWO FEET from the equator that is my waist. Not bad at all.

Anywho, I start my four days a week work-out routine tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. I'll be anxious to see how quickly I can get down to my goals now that I have sweat and physical activity back on my side (I've been more than a wee bit lazy on the workouts since Labor Day).

Wish me luck!

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Giuli said...

Sean - you rock!

Your numbers are incredible.

If walking/running is part of your workout routine, I heartily recommend the Nike Plus system. ( Very motivating and adds a fun factor to cardio workouts. Plus you can challenge your friends.