Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We're Going to the Y-M-C-A . . .

Joy and I have a BIG weekend planned (can you tell last week's three day work week spoiled me for the five day work week that followed so I'm already daydreaming about the weekend that is coming in just 53 short hours (smile))! We're going to do our holiday decorating (inside and outside - it is supposed to be in the mid-50s here in Wichita on Saturday so we'll probably do the outside first) and we're going back to Ava's gymnastics class (they didn't have class this last Saturday and Ava is teething again so she was in no mood for it the week before) and we are going to join the gym.

Yep. You heard that correctly. We are going to join the gym. As a family. And not just any gym but the YMCA! While the place has a certain "mystique" about it ever since the Village People sang about it 30 years ago (or whenever that song became part of the lexicon) it is actually (in Wichita at least) a very nice place. There are seven different YMCAs to go to in Wichita (three of which are easily accessible from our home) and each one of them has at least one pool (some of them have three or four pools including actual water parks (wave pools and wading pools and slides for the kids, etc.) and each of them has a track and - as a whole - the YMCA of Wichita offers over 600 different water and land classes each week to its members.

Joy and I went with Joy's sister Stephanie to the Express Fitness class this last summer during one of our visits. The 30 minute program features cardio, weight training, resistance and ab excercises and it left the three of us sweating, panting and begging for more.

I am very excited about getting to the gym. My weight loss has slowed way down in the last month or two. I've not been on a scale since mid-September so I don't know how much I've lost but I know that I haven't had to buy new clothes since then either (although I am getting smaller because I know wear a size 2x sweater and my latest pants are getting looser than they were, etc.).

The reality is that my diet is still pretty good - I hit my calorie and protein goals daily and I get lots of fluids, etc. BUT my excercise is not what it should be. If I can get more active physically, I can burn more calories in the average day and I can kick start my weight loss again.

I'm still on target to hit my goal of losing 225+ pounds in my first year out of surgery (I have four months still and I'm feeling good about getting there) but this new commitment to excercise will certainly get me there - and hopefully beyond - by mid-March 2008.

I'm very excited about getting started . . . I only hope that the excitment continues in the weeks and months to follow (I've never really "loved" excercise - truth be told) and I hope Joy takes full advantage too (she says that she is not feeling as strong as she used to be and she swears she's gained some weight too - which is simply not true, from what I can see/tell) AND that we can get Ava started in swimming lessons and then toddler play classes, etc. so she has a good appreciation of physical activity from a young age (since we probably won't be forcing her to play too many organized sports, etc. - it will be more about back yard and park play and that sort of stuff to keep her moving and growing strong).

See YOU at the Y-M-C-A, Cowboy, Indian and Police Officer Village People (the rest of you boys don't have to show up for excercise class if you don't want to)!

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