Monday, November 26, 2007

So. How was YOUR Thanksgiving?

I returned to work this morning, as I do after every long four-day Thanksgiving Weekend . . . anxious to just shop online all day (Hello - CYBER MONDAY!) and to try to figure out exactly how many days of work I have until my Christmas/New Year's break begins.

Another tradition of Fatty-Monday (as I, on this the 26th day of November, 2007 am declaring the henceforth nickname for the Monday after Thanksgiving - for all mankind for the rest of time - for those that want to just stand around and talk about how much they've eaten in the last five days and how delicious the misery was/is/will be) is, of course, standing around talking about how much everyone ate in the last five days and how delicious the misery was/is/will be!

This year, I have a new work environment in a new time zone but - the tradition remains the same. I've had no less than 15 chats about the Thanksgiving feasts my colleauges overdid-it-on and how much they enjoyed it. The weight of the Turkey. The size of the scoops of mashed potatoes. The kernels of corn eaten (to the nearest thousand) and, of course, the pie - and how many pieces and slivers they all ate and what variety.

One key difference this year . . . just a slight one . . . I have a new perspective on the holiday.

I had no "war stories" to share. NO tales of wonderment at how many mounds of Stove Top I could take down. NO wonderous boasts of entire pies disappearing through my mouth. NO belt loosening, pants unbuttoning, shirt untucking, forehead swetting, long nap taking misery to follow the meal and NO regrets about what I had eaten.

I was happy to listen to my co-workers go on and on. I laughed with them and smiled politely as they shared their great victories and woeful struggles from their never ending parades of food-bliss (leftovers really are the devil's tools) and I was happy to tell of the feast I put together for my wife's immediate family on Thursday and the great, great spread that Joy and her mother and Aunt Joyce and cousin Stephanie layed out for about 35 members of the extended family on Saturday. Everyone seemed to love every bite, I boasted. No one left hungry, I quipped. We'll have left overs through January, I lamented.

Alas, I could not share my own story though. How exciting is three to four ounces of white-meat turkey, some triscuits, some hummus, some Pepper-Jack cheese (not even low fat (I mean a guy has GOT to live it up on the Feast Day, right?)) anyway?

The ONLY boasting I could do is that I discovered a new dessert - four Whole Wheat Ritz crackers with 1/2 tablespoon of sugar-free, seedless Blackberry Jam on each (about 5 grams of sugar, 2.5 grams of fat, 1 gram of protein and about 95 calories total). And how much swaggart does that dish even bring to the table? I know, I know - NONE.

Anywho, as per everything lately . . . I was of course force to recount Thanksgivings gone by and how I would eat and eat and eat and how I would just make myself miserable with overeating all weekend long and how little I seemed to care at the time about calories and fat and sugar and protein and overall nutrition and the IMPACT of such eating on my health.

I was very thankful, to say the least, for my new attitude about Thanksgiving and for my new dessert - which I had again on Sunday - the binge CONTINUES (smile))!

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