Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Want Some Taco Bell . . .

Some co-workers are going to Taco Bell for lunch today. "Makin' a run for the border," they quipped (hardy-har). The obligatory "Do you want anything, Sean?" was, of course, lobbed at me and the equally obligatory "No, thank you." was lobbed back. Then, I got to thinking . . . I COULD eat at Taco Bell. I have since my surgery, for that matter. Three times. We were, all three times, traveling and it was the easiest fast food and their Bean Burrito "Fresco" style only has 7g of fat and 12g of Protein (for full nutrtion of all of Taco Bell's "treats" click here).

Anywho, I had another one of those "oh my" moments. Back in the day - if my office mates were rolling out to Taco Bell. Or if Joy wanted Taco Bell. Or if I was driving past/near/in a 10 mile radius of a Taco Bell. I WOULD have had Taco Bell. And LOTS of it. And not the "Fresco" style (I had to protect my "honor"). I used to eat a lot of Taco Bell. And Popeye's and Long John Silvers and McDonalds and Burger King and Wendy's and Hardee's and . . . you get the picture.

I can honestly say that I am sort of sickened by how much fast food I have eaten in my life - especially in the four years since I first bought a car (when the real trouble began, frankly). I'm mainly just ashamed of the way I would eat fast food. The way I would think about fast food. Like if it was eaten in my car, and if it was only $1 or so per item . . . it didn't really count or something. Joy mentioned it in her post a few months ago but I would eat fast food on my way home to eat fast food. It was a problem. I am sorry for it now. I can't go back though - only forward.
I won't say I will NEVER eat fast food again - that would be a lie. I like the grilled chicken wraps from McDonald's (no sauce, light cheese, throw away the excess tortilla/wrap-thingy) and I like a bean burrito from Taco Bell every now and again too. BUT I have maybe eaten fast food seven times since my surgery. That's about once a month. And only about 300 calories per time v. the thousands I probably used to consume each time that I "treated" myself to it. I WILL say though, on this cloudy and dreary Wednesday morning, that I won't eat Taco Bell today.

Day by day. Day by day. Day by day. These are how the changes in a life are measured and how the progress in eating habits are seen.

Enjoy your Gorditas and your Chilupas, officemates. I am going to have turkey and cheese on a whole-wheat pita.

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