Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time Lost and Perspective Gained in Barnes & Noble . . .

I went book shopping today.

That's right - ME. I have only read nine books since I met my wife over four years ago. I am still an avid reader - magazines, newspapers, online, etc. but BOOK reading for me seemed to be a lost part of my life. It might be because of all of the reading I did in high school, college, graduate school and the years following grad. school, it might be that I think I have some sort of mental ADD against reading a multi-hundred page book but it likely is just that I am slow to find something that I am interested in enough to commit the time, effort and energy to reading - cover to cover.

One of the exceptions, which I have blazed about in the past, is Living Large.

I was there because, with all of my recent flights to and from Wichita (I'm going again this coming weekend (CAN'T WAIT)), I have decided to rededicate myself to reading and reading BOOKS at that! I was specifically at the book store though searching for a William Seward biography (long story - but I'll tell you what got me there - IF YOU WERE TO LIKEN YOURSELF TO ONE OF THE GREAT THINKERS OF ALL TIME, WHO WOULD YOU BE?). There was no Seward to be found though . . . but I didn't really look all that hard, to be honest.

I was, instead, drawn to the cookbooks, the self help books, the nutrtion and diet books and the workout books. I know, I know, a wee bit odd but there was a rhyme to my reason - Joy and I have been more "nesting" oriented lately (hence the cookbooks), I have been all about my own diet and nutrition lately and - the workouts . . . there is a new The Biggest Loser fitness book that I really, really want. The self help well . . . that one is not so clean cut. I was looking for a book on body dysmorphia but, on looking at a few, PHEWWWW - I realized I do not have body dysmorphia at all (according to the self help book aisle at least (smile)). After getting overwhelmed and spending almost two hours in the non-fiction section, I headed over to fiction land . . .

This reminded me that one of my favorite authors in the world, Mike Magnuson, also wrote another book I have read in my life with Joy. The book is called Heft on Wheels. Heft on Wheels is about Magnuson, a professort at the University of Illinois at Carbondale (I think), deciding he was overweight and sick of being overweight and reconnecting with an old love of his, the bicycle (Magnuson has also written three of my other favorite books (two of which are fiction) - The Fire Gospels, The Right Man for the Job and Lummox (non-fiction, it is his own autobiography)).

Focus, Sean . . . Heft on Wheels . . . Magunson REALLY gets in to biking and he ends out entering competitive races and really discovering a new obession in the process. He also loses a ton of weight and really improves his health - about two years ago (when I read the book) - I was ALL about running out and buying a bike based on the book . . . something I'm still considering now that I am a little less afriad of blowing out the tires when I get on or breaking every bone in my body on my first spill.

I had hoped he had something "new" (newer than Heft on Wheels at least) on the shelf for me - no luck BUT I was also thinking about his transformation through his bike.

I spent three full hours in the bookstore today - I looked at a hundred different books and I was all over the store. I made a LIST of books that I would like to read and I have a full page of my notebook that is now full of the topics and ideas I would like to spend more time with - by reading books on the subject.

ANYWHO - I wound out eventually picking up Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy. But, picking out that book and getting through the book story was not "easy" at all.

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