Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pants - My Life Seems to be About Pants . . .

My khaki obsession resumed today when I tried on two pairs of pants in two different sizes at the JCPenney in the Danbury Fair Mall.

Now I know, I know . . . STOP talking about your stupid pants, Sean. And I will try. I promise.

There is a point to this open love letter to the cotton twill pant - reread that first sentence. I was shopping for khakis IN a store IN the mall. Not CasualMaleXL. Not Rochester Big and Tall. Not Westport Big and Tall. Not even Men's Wearhouse. I was shopping for pants - and had options - in yet another store that - until very recently - only my skinnier counterparts could frequent for all their khaki needs.

There is good news and better news. First - it was great. They had brown, navy, olive, black and grey pants to choose from . . . they had two different inseams to choose from . . . they had pants made by four different companies to choose from . . . I HAD CHOICES in khakis. Second - I am another two inches smaller in the pants than I was just a month ago. I've lost 18 inches off my waist. 18. That is a foot-and-a-half to you and me. Ava's waist is not even 18 inches around to begin with. I've lost my daughter's waist from my waist . . . and then some.

Anywho - I didn't buy the khakis when it was all said and done. I couldn't find the right inseam/waist ratio and if you factor in the price of the pants and the price of the alteration - they were more expensive than the pants I could get at CasualMaleXL that come to my exact specifications.

What a great thrill though. Another store to shop in. Another 2" off my waist. Another of life's little moments after surgery that remind me how wonderful life after surgery really is.


Ryan said...
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Sean C. Amore said...

I used to go between Casual Male, King Size and Rochester. Interestingly (and sadly) enough there were many years when I was too big for Rochester.

I spent LOTS of time (and money) in Rochester B&T in Manhattan between my surgery and moving to Kansas.

LOVED that store.

Glad you found the pants that work for you, Ryan!