Friday, October 26, 2007

Dinner with Tom Kelly . . .

I had dinner with one of my best friends from college tonight, Thomas J. Kelly. Now Tom and I used to have a very similar life - we both lived in the same 12ft. x 17ft. room. We both studied Mass Communications and we had the same circle of friends.

Life, of course, could only be that simple for the four years we both spent at Quinnipiac. A lot has changed since then. Tom works for The View. He also writes a radio prep sheet for morning radio shows and he writes comedy and preforms stand up comedy. I work in Public Relations. We both have followed our paths and we both seem very, very happy in our choices and our chosen lifestyles.

That being said - we're just not as close as we once were. Not that anything happened or that we had a falling out or whatever . . . I mean, sure, there have been some issues along the way (we were friends, right? friends fight, right?!) but the main obstacle to our friendship has just been life itself. We have lived within 90 minutes of each other for 18 months - and I just saw Tom four days before I left town - and he came to see me on his way to a wedding up 95 from Stamford.

It was a great dinner, truth be told. It was nice to sit down with Tom, catch up, share some memories and talk about how different life is now v. 10 years ago when we thought we knew what the next decade might bring us.

Tom, of course, made a big deal of the new smaller me. He thought I was back down to my Freshman year weight (truth be told - I'm about 20 pounds heavier now than I was when we graduated so - I have about 80 more pounds to go to get back to Freshman year weight). I was just happy to think that I have undone almost a decade of weight gain and could still sit and enjoy a meal with a friend who knew me when . . .

The peace tour continues. And it feels great.


Carrie said...

I am snickering that you put a real photo in your blog post. I don't know why, maybe it's just me remembering that time at your pig roast/luau when I picked a dare out of a hat and had to yell "Tom Kelly is a sexy man" at the top of my lungs in your crowded back yard. Anyway, it seems you put his photo in your blog really to get to the point that you are almost back to your college days weight. Good job!

This Show said...

I probably never realized how to use the Archives.

This was a special night for me too.

Who was Carrie? I vaguely remember the sexy man thing. Did we hook up?