Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wanna' Play Soccer, Uncle Sean? . . .

We spent last weekend in Wichita with my wife's family. I have one niece in this world, Lexy (sometimes she prefers to be called Alexis (she'll be eight in November so . . . )). She's a real sweety and I adore her but - up until recently - there was one "problem" - she loves sports.

Now my parents raised me to be my own person - do what I wanted to do - find my own path. I chose a path alright, and it walked far away from any sports or athletics. NO disrespect to the athletic set BUT I have never been very good at ANY sport (save for bocce and mini-golf) and I have never had any interest in any sports. It could be chicken-and-the-egg type logic if I don't like sports because I was always fat or if I was always fat because I didn't like/participate in sports. Regardless, I am just not a sports "person."

So, when we are in Wichita, we typically spend as much family time as we can INCLUDING going to Lexy's sports games. Basketball, softball, football and soccer . . . among others.
This weekend, not only did I attend Lexy's soccer game but she and I PLAYED soccer after her game. That's right. I ran, and kicked, and chased and PLAYED for the first time since probably my junior year of high school (15 years ago already).
I've got to say, it felt GREAT. NOT that I will now become a huge soccer fanatic or that I'm going to quit my day job in hopes of going pro BUT it is good to know that I CAN get out and play soccer with Lexy. That I can run again. That I can kick without fear of my legs snapping under all my weight being put on just one of them at a time, that my heart won't explode and the sweat won't soak my clothes and that . . . GOD help me if this really happens but that - should she decide she wants to be a sports "person" when she is old enough to make these sorts of decisions - I will be able to play with my little Gracie-girl, Ava.

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