Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Unbuckled Excitement . . .

Dear Reader -

Let me introduce myself. I am Sean's Airline Seatbelt Extender. Sean asked a flight attendant for me in December 0f 1998 on his flight home to spend Christmas with his family. At the end of the flight, having been embarassed to have asked to "borrow" me in the first place - Sean decided it would be best to just steal/keep/adopt me and have me for future use.

Oh, the fun we've had in the last nine years. We've been to Los Angeles three or four times, Seattle, Portland (Oregon AND Maine), Boston, Dallas, New Orleans (a few times) and, of course, Ustate, New York and Wichita. Many, many times each.
Almost every flight over that time, Sean has let me know, little by little, inch by inch. In May of 2003, Sean strained to lock his belt on even with my help. I have never felt more needed and he had never felt more fat.

I am writing you today though with some sad news. Sean no longer needs me.

It seems that Sean, feeling good about the way his butt looked in his new khakis (perhaps he's down 14" by now v. 12"?) on Friday decided to just try to buckle the airplane seatbelt without me on he and Ava's flight to Wichita.

"Why not, right?," he thought. "Just see how long it might be before I don't need an extender?," And, low and behold - CLICK. It fit. With SPARE belt. Low and tight around the hips. Perfect.

I'm still in Sean's carry on bag. He wants to leave me on his next flight v. just throw me away (pay the karma back and let me at least try to find a new and loving home) but, he's all too happy that he no longer needs me as his air travel companion.

We both cried a few tears on Friday - only Sean's seemed to be more from excitement and pride than from sadness.

If you know of anyone that would like to adopt me for their personal use until they lose their weight - just let Sean know. You can e-mail him at seancamore@hotmail.com.

Bon Voyage, Sean.

- Seatbelt Extender

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