Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trainwreck? Maybe. Fat? No . . .

I have closely followed her rise and fall and I was, like most of America, sort of sad for her the other night on the MTV Video Music Awards. I won't waste your time with the rest of my opinions on what has happened to her and how I feel about it. I WILL get in to one point of the argument though . . .

Say what you want about Britney Spears but please - for the love of God and, more importantly, ALL the teenage (and 20 and 30 something year old) girls that make the mistake of looking to TV, movies, pop culture and music for what "cool", "pretty" and "popular" look like - stop calling her FAT!

I grew up idolizing John Candy. Why? He was hilarious and I read an interview he did in a magazine once that said he had never felt the pressure to succeed meant he had to lose weight any where near as strong as the failure he felt when he didn't succeed to lose weight (or something like that). My hero and I can honestly say I've modeled my mentalities on size and success around that example.

John Candy was a big man, sure, but he was described as funny, charming, handsome, talented gracious and kind more than he was tagged with adjectives to describe his size. Maybe I just saw the potential for a kid like me in the success of a man like him.

Maybe there is a girl out there right now wondering if she will ever be able to make it if she is "fat" like Britney. The world could use a few more John Candys so - to that little girl - I say GO FOR IT! Prove 'em all wrong!

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