Friday, September 21, 2007

Six Months Later . . .

I had my six month follow-ups yesterday at the hospital. It seems that everything is progressing nicely inside my shrinking body. I've lost a total of 151.6 pounds in six months. A miracle. I could not be more excited or pleased or grateful to the early success I have had since surgery.

My cholesterol - while never "high" is down almost 60 pounds and now sits at the lower end of the "normal" scale. My blood pressure - while never "high" is down to a comfortable 118 over 78. My vitamin and mineral levels are all in the normal range except my B-12 which is a litttle high but no where near problematic. My lymphadema in my left leg is considerably better and improving every day. There is NO part of me that is not healthier and better and improved since my surgery.

There are some other wonderful perks that come with crossing the six month mark in good form . . .

1 - No more preggo vitamins. I can now take two chewable Flinstone's vitamins for children a day instead of one very large and very gross tasting prenatal chewable vitamin. I opted for the sour gummy vitamins since, well, if at the age or 31 I have to take a chewable childrens' vitamin twice a day for the rest of my life - I'm going to REALLY embrace the irony in the situation.

2 - No more Orso-Forte. Who knows what is ahead for my gall bladder and me but, to this point, I have had no stones or issues and it doesn't seem I will have any troubles. It seems that the gall bladder is most likely to develop stones during periods of rapid weight or gain and Techia told me that I MIGHT just see a slower weight drop from here on out (shocker, I know, that I won't maintain this pace).

3 - I don't have to go back to the doctor for six months. Sure I WILL go to the doctor in December for my annual physical (I don't like to go more than 12 months at a time without having certain parts of my body checked for lumps, bumps and other frumps - if you know what I mean) but, I don't have to go for a while. To me - that means I won't see my medical professionals for a while (which doesn't make me all that happy - Ireally do like them all) AND, more importantly, that my surgery experience is now behind me (for the most part) and this is now just "life" from here on out.

4 - I am between 1/3 and 1/4 of the way to the end of the gastric bypass "ride". General research has shown that most patients - by 18 months to 2 years out - have lost all the weight they are going to lose from the surgery. From there, it is maintenance and upkeep for the rest of your life. I have had a great first stint. I have 150 pounds gone - 110 - 130 to to (I am modifying my original goal weight, I think). I am positive that I'll lose all that by or around the 1 year mark BUT - it is good to know that, like with the less frequent doctor's visits, soon enough - it will just be "life" - not life post surgery or whatever.

I had a great time at support group on Wednesday. I had a great set of appointments - I got to spend time with my beloved Techia and I saw Drs. Zuccala and Saldinger and I saw Marcia and I saw Deb and . . . - and today is FRIDAY and I'm going to Chose 2 Lose with Kate for the first time tomorrow. A pretty darned good week - all in all.

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