Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Shot in the Butt . . .

I was thumbing through today's New York Times and, as per always, I went straight to the Fashion & Style section first (I swoop back around to the real news from time to time too - don't worry) and I came across this article on a new rage in the heartland - anti-fat shots!

Here's the bulk of the story for you . . . there are these clinics popping up in Missouri and Kansas where patients, predominently women, are going in droves to have shots of a non-FDA approved "medicine" shot (some of the ingredients are approved by the FDA, in the interest in full disclosure) in to their flabby spots through a non-FDA approved methodology. Called LipoDissolve, the procedure is not even done exlusively by doctors (some physicians are doing tests of the product for potential FDA approval).

Costing about $2,000 for each body part patients want LipoDissolved, the group behind the "science" even admits that the results are hard to see and to prove and require expensive MRIs to even see the progress.

I guess I'm confused . . . people criticize gastric bypass patients for the "crazy" science behind our procedure and the cost of it and people ask why people like myself can't just lose weight on their own but there are people in the midwest silly enough to let someone shoot them up with an experimental drug through experimental methods to chase their localized fat away - for VANITY reasons?

Yeah, I'm the sucker. Sure. That's right. Uh-huh.

I'll be honest - I've never actually understood people who work out like lab rats because they have 10 extra pounds on their bodies or who are slaves to the Atkins diet so they can go from a skinny pant to a skinnier pant. More over, these people who talk about how "fat" they are because they have a rounded, plumped butt or because their arms are not taught and toned or because they may or may not have a neck like a Thanksgiving turkey just before the feathering and beheading begins just confuse me. I know a girl in Baltimore that gained 40 pounds on PURPOSE just so she could have a BMI big enough to qualify for gastric bypass. The mental component of the pre-approval process got her with a big net and a padded room - don't worry. I have had friends that admitted they were not overweight but cursed the hips or thighs or cankles that their family lineage provided them becaues they were "fat" body parts.

My lovely wife, for example, has long struggled with her feelings about her weight and if she is "fat" or not. I can appreciate that she FEELS like she is fat - that is entirely subjective and who am I to judge - but I always remind her that she is NOT fat. She might have a few extra pounds on her that the medical community's chart of "regular" or "suggested" body weights don't account for but she's a beautiful woman with a very attractive body and I, frankly, like her body just the way it is. She's sexy. Very sexy. (There, I said it and yes, my in-laws and my family have access to this blog too).

I would worry FAR more about my wife getting these shots than she probably worried about me having gastric bypass. I would worry about the safety issues that she didn't have to fear with my surgery. I would fear the emotional impact of them immediate results that she didn't have to fear with my surgery. I would worry more about the long term impact of the shots that she didn't have to worry about with my surgery.

I'm rambling so I'll close with this - next time someone gets judgemental about your surgery (Erin, a young woman who took her health by the chain with this procedure and who sat with her mother Rhoda (?) at support group last night and chatted with Kate and I about how to talk about the surgery and why she had it, for example) . . . just tell them about the REALLY crazy stuff some people in this world are doing to fight their fat.

That oughta' shut 'em up for a while.

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