Monday, September 17, 2007

FALLing Tempuratures . . .

I LOVE fall. I love it. I love it like I love khakis and pocket t-shirts and I love it like I love my wife and daughter and I love it like I love reduced fat Triscuits. In other words - I am SURE of my love for fall and it is real and it is is forever!

While it may be premature to declare fall is"upon us" (we are supposed to have tempuratures back in the low 80s later this week here in the Danbury region) -- I am feeling pretty confident when I declare it has "begun." And that makes me very, very hah-pea!

Fall, for me, is the perfect time of year. The days get shorter and the wind blows cooler and the heat stops blazing and the humidity dries up and the leaves start to turn and then they flutter to the ground. Soon enough, we'll all be drinking apple cider (well - not ALL of us) with cinammon sticks and carving pumpkins and asking what people's Thanksgiving plans are. BUT - for now - the primary concern and interest is the weather itself.

It was in the low 40s this morning when I went for my walk. First - I'm pretty sure I need to start walking indoors (treadmill, track . . . maybe laps of the kitchen just back and fourth and fourth and back). Second - I am going to need a coat.

That's right. A layer of clothing to wear over my clothes. I've seen thousands of people, for years, wearing these odd shells during the fall, winter and spring first in DC and then in Baltimore too and now in Connecticut but, gulp, I never imagined I would need a coat. In SEPTEMBER.

I have always joked that I had plenty of insulation for when the cold weather came. That I had enough fat to warm a whole village for the winter. That if I ever declared a day "chilly" or "cold" - you could have $5 from my wallet. That cold was a four letter word . . . that one, turns out, is literally true.
Anywho, I own A jacket. I bought it in 1999. The zipper only sort of works and I wear it probably two or three days a year. When it was super cold AND actively snowing at the same time - mainly to keep my other clothes dry. I have a few sweatshirts from my 8x and 6x days (aka LAST year and the nine years before). I used to wear them when my t-shirts were stained or I thought I might be out really late on a fall night and the dew would be falling by the time I got home and when I thought I could actually disguise my size with a bulky sweashirt. I tried one on yesterday. Picture spongebob square pants only in red. With a 1/4 zipper at the top. And without the bulging eyes or stick legs. Not cute. Thank God I wear sportscoats or a blazer to work almost every day.
That is all changing. I am going to go out TONIGHT and buy myself a fall coat and then, when it turns really wintery, a JACKET. I'm not sure of the difference between the two but I'm sure there is one and my wife, who loves fashion like I love fall, always tells me I need a coat for fall and a jacket winter. Is it the other way around? I'm not sure. I might have to get a scarf . . . a hat . . . some gloves. Such LUNACY I never thought would be my problem. It's a whole new season on the other side of surgery.
I'm COLD. My little(r) hands were bluish as I first drove to work this morning. I turned on the heat in my car. My neck felt pasty and chilled when I took my laptop bag off my shoulder upon arriving at the office. My ankles - even with socks - were upset about the wind blowing on them.

My head still loves fall. My changing body is not so sure. I'll put a coat on and the season will once again feel warm and fuzzy.

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