Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Biggest Loser Makes Me Cry . . .

The five greatest TV programs of my life time, in my never humble opinion rank as follows . . .

Felicity, the story of a young woman who follows a boy to college and finds herself in the process. The show, which debuted right after I finished college, hit a chord with me and still to this day reminds me of my own experiences of becoming "me" - without the perfect hair, clothes and roommates (smile).

Lost, while it may be a little confusing at this point - for me, it doesn't get much better than a bunch of strangers forced in to a fight for their lives with back and forward flashes to show you that this is probably not the first or the last time that these people will feel like the deck is stacked against them and that life can be wonderful and wonderfully unfair.

Sports Night, a short lived beauty that has little to nothing to do with sports save for the morals that the sportscasters can learn and take from the athletes they profile on their fictional sports broadcast. I always like that these people were all obsessed with the glory of the game that was either reached or lost - not by themselves - but by the athletes they profiled.

Gilmore Girls, the story of a young mother who leaves behind the wealth and privelage of her family to raise a daughter through hard work, hard times and lots of love. The show was smart and funny and cleverly written and the plots twisted and turned but one thing was constant - that if you love your family and do your best - you will eventually graduate from Yale (or you will see your daughter walk the aisle to her Yale diploma at least).

And, the sentimental favorite and the reason you are all here right now is NBC's The Biggest Loser. That's right, kids. It is BACK! Season four kicked off tonight and, assuming there are 15 episodes in each season, this is the 46th straight episode to make me cry. I cry because I see myself and my struggle in every one of the contestants and I see myself in their failures and their successes and in their pride and in their pain.

Tonight's episode, I must admit, was particularly interesting for me . . . there are people on the show that, for the first time ever, are HEAVIER than me. I route for them all as I route for myself . . . that we might all be the Biggest Loser!

Check the show out - it WILL inspire you and you WILL learn about health, nutrtition, fitness and weight loss. It is TV time, and kleenex, well spent.

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