Wednesday, August 8, 2007

When 12 Inches Is More Than a Foot . . .

I have to confess. One of my favorite AND least favorite side effects to my weight loss is clothing. It's expensive. It's a lot of sweaty palmed anxiety around "What size I will I fit it TODAY? What about TOMORROW?" and, of course, there is a weird part of me that is scared to get rid of all my old clothes because I've not had much success keeping the weight off in the past.

THAT being said - I love it, frankly. I am down a little over 130 pounds and that means NOTHING that I wore at the time of my surgery fits (my wedding ring is too big, my glasses frames no longer fit because my "old" head stretched them out, my shoes are loose, etc.). I've lost 3 inches off my neck, 2 shirt sizes on my t-shirts, 10 inches off my chest and TWELVE inches off my waist.

Buying shirts and sportscoats for work and t-shirts for the weekend is one thing - I'm still a few inches (literally and figuratively) away from fitting in the offerings of the mass retail community. BUT - the PANTS - the pants I have hit a major milestone on.

It means the world to me to be at my current waist because SUDDENLY - the whole world of pants buying (I wear chinos seven days a week) has gotten bigger for me . . . I can buy Dockers (the best selling Chino in the world - they will have you know) and I can buy Ralph Lauren Andrew Chinos and I can but Nautica chinos. I can but Savanes and I can buy other brands that I didn't know were out there until this last weekend.

I no longer have to buy all my pants from CasualMaleXL or King Size Direct. I will probably still buy my chinos from CasualMaleXL for now because they have these nifty elastic slides in the waist that give a little bit but don't look like a diaper at the same time. Check 'em out, fellas . . .

The point is that I haven't just lost a foot off my waist - I have GAINED a wonderfully enlarged world of chinos. To me, that means a LOT!

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