Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Are the (Obese) World . . .

Marcia, the hospital's outstanding Bariatric Care Coordinator sent me this link a week or so ago.

My inbox is a bit of a disaster so I don't always get to stuff right away but I'm glad I finally took a look at it.
The link above will take you to an illustration of the world's obesity percentages. No surpise the US is in the lead (if leading has any status in this sort of "race").
What did surprise me was where other countries stacked up. Greece is 22% obese. I've always heard the Greeks are so healthy and that all that olive oil and sunshine was a very healthy way to go through life. I would have imagined Italy would be a heavier country too. I know the models are broomsticks in over-priced dresses but I've seen pictures of Italian men in Speedos. Ouch. The pasta and the meats and the wine and the bread and the cheese . . . love me some Italian food!
I guess my point is that the world is getting heavier, no doubt. Something needs to be done, no doubt BUT as a lifelong weight struggler . . . it is nice to not feel so alone here in the United States of Obesity.
Alright, I'm off - I am going to record an all song tribute song with Tina Turner, Chaka Kahn, Bono and Steve Wonder now.

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