Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Play That Funky Music . . .

For the past two years, I have had an iPod. I have about 9,000 total songs in my iTunes library (all genres, all formats, all flavors). I have always, since I was a little kid, enjoyed music. I like that it can put you in a good mood, can make you sad, can remind you of what a specific time in your life was like and can make you hopeful for what tomorrow might be. I also like that it is readily accessible (in your car, at your home, in the office, on your iPod (in your pocked)) and that it is - all things considered - pretty inexpensive rather you like iTunes downloads for $0.99 or whole CDs for $12.99 at Best Buy. It seems like music is a cure all companion for whatever life is doing to you at any given moment.

Interestingly, reread that paragraph and sub in food for music. Okay, make a few other changes too so the rest of it makes sense (smile). The paragraph still rings true though - food and music have always been there for me.

NOW, I just have music. Sure - I still eat. I occassionally eat bad stuff too (shhhh, don't tell Mary Lou (smile)). BUT, in context - now I'm eating a few extra Triscuits or eating some peanuts instead of almonds, etc. It's a MUCH different world now than before surgery.

I still have music though. Thank the heavens. I had a crap day yesterday. Just awful. Work was not great, Joy and I had a little tift (which is code for full blown argument) and I am feeling very stressed about life these last few weeks. I went home last night, had some dinner, gave Ava her bath, helped get her off to bed, mowed the lawn, watched some bad television and then . . . I went to the computer and went NUTS.
I downloaded 26 songs last night. Total cost? $25.74. Total value? Immesurable. Every one of the songs I bought is probably pretty useless (Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns-n-Roses will NOT actually make my day any better . . . but for four minutes it sure felt like it was) BUT it felt great to just get some new music to add to the collection and to have a distraction and to have something to make me feel better.
So, for now, it's all music all the time when I need anything (good times, bad times, happy times, sad times) that another human - like my amazing wife and my family and friends - can't offer me.

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