Friday, August 24, 2007

Let's Go For a Walk . . .

My wife and I walk for excercise. When we first moved to Connecitcut, in May of 2006, she was all gung-ho that if we got out and walked it would be good time for us as a couple AND - bonus of bonuses - we would become more active and would burn some calories and lose some weight.

ALMOST all of that was true. We did get some good quality time and we did burn some calories . . . but I'm not sure if we lost any weight. The fact is that the walking didn't last long. It was turning from Spring to Summer and we were in a new house and I had a new job and we left in late June to go wait for Ava to be born in Wichita. I think, total, we walked about a dozen or so times.

Since then we have resumed our walks. Sometimes alone, sometimes together, usually with Ava in tow in the wagon her Uncle Ryan gave her for her birthday in late July.

Walking, for me, is one of the greatest forms of excercise. More power to you stationary bike lovers. Sprint on, all you runners. I admire your strength, weight lifters. I follow your lead, aerobic class junkies. For me - excercise is about one foot in front of the other - at my own pace OR using one of my The Biggest Loser DVDs. It is usually just my way of getting another of the four crucial pieces to the "Overcoming My Weight" puzzle (surgery, excercise, healthy eating, healthy mind and body).

HOWEVER - On the last Sunday of September there is a very important walk that I am hoping to partake in that is worth much, much more than just a small piece of the puzzle.

I would encourage every one - regardless of if you are a surgery candidate, if you have had surgery, if you battle the bulge or if you know/love/admire someone who does - to participate in this year's Walk From Obesity of Greater Connecitcut.

The walk is a fundraiser to help further obesity research AND, more importantly in the short term, obesity education and understanding.

The contact at Danbury Hosptial for the walk is the lovely and talented Marcia . . .

Marcia Hansen, BSN, RN
Bariatric Care Coordinator
Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Danbury Hospital
203-739-7131 x 7523
fax: 203-739-1669

BUT all that you need to know can be found on line. To sign up for the Connecticut Walk From Obesity and to learn more about it click here.

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