Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

So my lovely wife asked me to run and grab some ice last evening. No problem! I realized two things there in the parking lot of the Sunoco.

1 - Buying ice is a TOTAL racket. I'm going to buy some ice trays tomorrow.
2 - The changes in my life since surgery are every where and I don't even stop to think about them most of the time.

See - I used to avoid certain gas stations (like the Sunoco) in the neighborhood that sold ice because they kept their freezers outside the store and locked. That meant multiple trips in and out of the store to buy the ice, get the ice and return the key.

TOO much effort for me a year ago. LAST night though (90 degrees and all) - no problem.

Closest station, extra steps, key that didn't work so another trip in to get the right key, not thinking twice about the effort it took to buy the ice . . . you can keep you trays - I'll run out and grab a bag of ice any time!

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