Monday, August 13, 2007

I Do (Not Miss Wedding Food) . . .

I had one of those important "firsts" this weekend. My first post-surgery wedding. It was lovely. A beautiful August day in Buffalo, New York. The happy couple. The friend signing a little off tune. The drunken toast from the best man. Goooood times.
Now, despite my love of food - I have never really enjoyed "wedding food". How many crudite platters can you really look forward to? How much baked ziti does one man need to eat? I was all too excited, this lap around the wedding track, to sit the buffet out.
I thought it would be a little awkward. I had some cheese cubes during the cocktail hour (I was behind on my calories for the day because of traveling and I could afford to take on a few extra grams of fat too because of what I had eaten during the day). I had some cucumber circles too. I can NOT pass up the cheese platter or the cucumbers. Just can't - no WON'T do it.
Then came the main fair. The buffet. They had baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked ziti, fruit salad, chicken cord-on-bleu (sp?), beef, pork and scalloped potatoes. I took a slice of pork (it looked pretty lean and was not marinated or coated in anything that I could not identify). I thought about a little bit of fruit. I skipped all of the potatoes because I don't enjoy eating the starches anymore (I have tried a few pieces of bread but can't get anything more than Triscuits and pitas past about one bite) and I didn't even think about the baked ziti (I can eat pasta but it just didn't look worth it to me). The chicken was breaded and looked oily so I knew that was way more calories and fat than I was looking for. I've never been much of a beef guy. Anywho, the pork was drier than prohibition so I just left it on my plate.

We left the reception right after dinner so the dessert buffet was not a factor in the evening but, I'm not going to lie, it didn't look like anything I would have "missed" if I was there when the cut the large, frosted layers. I have not (knock on wood) craved a single sweet since my surgery.
I ate, if you are wondering, my Never Leave Home Without It protein bar on the drive home from the hotel. Got my 60+ grams of protein for the day after all. No calories or fat I didn't want or need, all the fluids and all of the protein.
Anywho, I wish Tiffany and Tim a long, long life of happiness, health and love. And I thank them for sharing their lovely day with me. It was a great evening. Even without being able to partake in the buffet binging that was once so much a "part" of a wedding for me.
I'm pretty happ(il)y (ever after) without it!

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